When Can I Modify My Child Support Plan?

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Child support in Littleton, CO, is a crucial aspect of family law that ensures the financial well-being of children. In Colorado, child support modifications can be complex, requiring adherence to specific guidelines. Have a comprehensive overview of the instances when you can modify your child support plan and the process involved in this article.

Situations for Child Support Modification in Colorado

Child support may only be modified under specific circumstances. In general, to qualify for a modification of child support based on the “substantial and continuing” change in circumstances, there must be a minimum of a 10% change in the amount of child support due either upward or downward. This change must also be ongoing and not a temporary fluctuation.

1. Substantial and Continuing Change in Circumstances

The modification of child support is considered when there is a significant alteration in the financial circumstances of either the parent or the needs of the child. For instance:

  • Losing a job, or gaining new employment with a drastically different salary;
  • Substantial medical expenses or educational needs for the child; or
  • Changes in custody or parenting time arrangements.

The court will carefully evaluate the nature and permanence of the changes to determine if a modification is warranted.

2.  Lack of Medical Support Provision

If the existing child support order lacks specific details regarding medical support (including health insurance coverage and unreimbursed medical expenses for the child), a parent may seek to modify the order. This is a critical consideration, as healthcare needs are an essential part of a child’s welfare and must be appropriately addressed within the child support agreement.

Whether dealing with major life changes or medical support provisions, understanding the legal landscape is crucial — and this is when our family law attorney in Littleton, CO, can help.

How Long Does it Take to Modify Child Support?

The time frame for modifying child support in Littleton, CO, can vary widely. It typically takes up to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the case and the court’s schedule. Cooperation between both parties can expedite the process.

How to File a Motion to Modify Child Support

Initiating a child support modification in Colorado involves several key steps. First, consult an experienced family law attorney in Littleton, CO, to understand the process and requirements. Next, obtain and complete the necessary legal forms, including the Motion to Modify Child Support. File the motion with the appropriate court, and ensure the other party is properly served according to Colorado law.

Depending on the situation, attending a court hearing may be necessary, where both parties can present their case. Each step must be carried out with precision and adherence to legal guidelines to successfully navigate the modification process.

Do You Need Help With Child Support Modification in Colorado?

Modification of child support may be a complex process, but with proper guidance, it can be a vital step in adapting to life’s inevitable changes. Contact us today to talk to our family law attorney in Littleton, CO, at TNS Associates, to ensure that the best interests of your child are preserved.